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Immersive Roman Team Building

Foster Solid Relationships and Reward Your Employees

Bond and Learn Together

From preparing camp, creating fire, baking Roman bread, preparing lunch and making small frescoes or oil lamps, your team will bond and learn new skills in a truly unique and memorable way. Our Roman Team Building activities are designed to foster solid working relationships and reward your employees. The days of your team in Rome will be an opportunity to build trust by engaging your team in activities that are not part of what they ordinarily do, explore the wonders of ancient Rome and create lasting memories.

Experience Ancient Rome

Experience the grandeur of ancient Rome during our Roman Team Building adventure. Your team will live, eat and sleep like true Romans, surrounded by the beauty of important archaeological excavations, and take part in authentic Roman Team Building activities that will transport them back to 100 AD.

Discover Rome and beyond

After the Team Building experience, if you wish, we can take your team hiking to visit spectacular archaeological sites hidden in the countryside near Rome, complete with a nice picnic lunch, or visit impressive sites like Hadrian’s Villa or Pompeii or let them enjoy the luxurious leisure of Roman thermal baths at a mansion hotel in the countryside near Rome.

Customer Reviews:

Our Roman Team Building Experience

Boudewijn Kaijser
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This was exactly what our company needed: two days of teambuilding surrounded by nature. Our personnel still talk about the fire making and the homemade bread. This event created new friendships and a surprising new eye on the Roman ancient society. A full immersion in Roman life, great food, workshop, and company! My compliments to the organization!
Diane Dicosola
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Fantastic! where else can you do team building like this? On sacred temple land and in Roman costumes, we made amphora’s, clay oil lamps, ground wheat and made/ baked our own bread, learned how to get a fire started with flint, these were just some of the things I learned to do. Robert and Paola taught us quite a bit about Roman history. Did I mention fun?"
Janine Reeves
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This was an amazing way to take life back to basics and learn new skills together, forget the distractions of the 20th century and appreciate the nature and history around us. I loved it.

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Roman Team Building Activities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the Roman empire? If so, we can provide a fully immersive experience at Italian Adventures, perfect for Team Building to help bring people together, and forge stronger relationships. Our Roman Team Building activities will take your team back in time and let them experience the day-to-day lives of regular Romans, from what they used to eat to how they dressed and what their daily chores were. During these activities they will have lots of fun and get introduced to interesting things about inventions the Romans made and that are still in use today. Spending one or two days near Rome and immersing yourself in Roman culture is hard to beat when looking for a memorable experience. Your team will be talking about it for weeks, months, or even years after completing our Roman Team Building activities.

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