Anastasia Zourou was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece.  This is also the place where she studied and got her degree in Byzantine Archaeology at the “Aristoteleion” State University. When she obtained an Erasmus scholarship as “Free Mover” she also studied in Italy at the “Tor Vergata University of Rome”.

During her time in Rome as a student, Anastasia Zourou fell deeply in love with the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. As her studies came to an end, Anastasia faced a difficult decision. Should she return to her hometown of Thessaloniki or pursue her dreams in Rome? Ultimately, she chose to stay in Rome. The city had become her second home, and its ancient history beckoned her to explore further and soon after completing her studies, Anastasia found herself involved in various archaeological digs in and around Rome.

For more than twenty years now she collaborates with Italian State Archaeological Service (Soprintendenza) of Latium and Rome as a freelance archaeologist. She has collaborated with EEHAR, the Spanish School of Archaeology in Rome, during the excavations of the ancient city of Tusculum in 2012 and 2013 and with Bonn University’s excavations in the ancient city of Gabbi in 2012 in the Latium Region. 

She has published papers of her archaeological activities that are easy to find on the Web.

However, Anastasia did not stop there. Being multilingual was a great asset, and she used her language skills to become a tour guide, leading groups of eager travellers through the city’s historical sites. Her ability to fluently speak Greek, English, and Italian made her a sought-after guide, and she relished the opportunity to share her stories, knowledge and love for Rome with visitors from all around the world.

She loves to go hiking in the so-called Roman Castles villages “the Colli Albani” south of Rome which are situated around the ancient volcano of Latium, in Etruria and the Campi Flegrei near the Vesuvius.

Anastasia is fluent in English, Italian and Greek.

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